Payment System at Mullum Mullum Stadium


Team Payment for Mullum Mullum:

The new Mullum Mullum Stadium is a five court facility that will be used by Park Orchards Steelers and Blackburn Vikings as home courts.

Team payments are to be paid at the door and not the score bench like other EDJBA venues. This is to be done by the team manager or a designated person from both teams. Payment will be normal EDJBA games fees of $8. There are no door fees.

Once payment has been made for all players you will be given a receipt. This is to be taken by the team manager to the score bench for referees to cross check against players. This must be finalised by half time. If a player arrives late they can go and pay at the main entry. The additional receipt is to be brought to the game bench at the earliest time.

Thank you for your assistance in this. We hope that you enjoy the new modern venue.